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SaniServ Frozen Yogurt Machine
A commercial frozen yogurt machine could give your business just the boost it needs. Frozen yogurt has rapidly increased in popularity the last few years and is rapidly replacing ice cream in many businesses. Offering frozen yogurt instead of ice cream shows you are with the times, and it will ensure repeat business from people who enjoy a good cup of frozen yogurt. Best of all, kids can't tell the difference so you'll make them and their parents happy.

No matter what type of restaurant you own, adding a frozen yogurt maker or two makes sense. You can offer a nice cup of yogurt free after every meal, or you can sell it as a dessert item on your menu.  If you own an all-you-can-eat buffet, you already know the ice cream sundae station is one of your biggest draws. Parents and other health conscious adults will appreciate the fact you're offering a healthy alternative to the calorie-packed ice cream served at other establishments. Frozen yogurt sundaes taste every bit as good, and they're healthy to boot.

King of the Hill

When it comes time to buy a soft-serve frozen yogurt machine, there is really only one choice. SaniServ has been in business since 1929, and has perfected their frozen treat serving machines. When it comes to finding a good commercial frozen yogurt machine, SaniServ is second to none. They've done such a phenomal job, you'd be hard pressed to find a machine made by any other company in a busy restaurant. Their machines are built to last, and you'll spend more time serving frozen yogurt than you will servicing the machine. Saniserv offers everything from high-capacity standalone machines to low-volume countertop units. No matter what your needs, SaniServ has a machine that can handle it.

SaniServ 408 Countertop Soft Serve Yogurt Freezer (Model 636-408)

The SaniServ 636-408 is soft serve frozen yogurt machine designed to sit on a countertop. This system is ideal for a restaurant with limited space that wishes to add frozen yogurt (or ice can make either) to its menu. This machine allows business owners to add a profitable item to the menu with the smallest footprint possible. By being small enough to place on a counter, it saves valuable floor space.

Pros - Don't let the size fool you, the Sani Serv 408 is capable of serving up product all day, every day. It is a favorite amongst owners and has been a profitable addition to companies nationwide. It easy to clean, produces consistently good product and operates quickly and smoothly. It is offered at a low price point when you consider that floor-standing models cost more than double. Add a Sani Serv 408 to your store to increase customer satisfaction with high quality frozen desserts.

Cons - While the smaller size is ideal for placement on a cart or an open counter-top, it limits the amount of product that can be mixed at one time. If you plan on serving high volumes, you may want to consider one of the floor standing models.

SaniServ 408

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- Stainless steel exterior with a durable steel interior frame. This machine is built to last.

- 20 quart capacity.

- 1 HP dasher and 3/4 HP compressor

- Air or water cooled self contained refrigeration.

- Visual mix-out system.

- Automatic torque control keeps consistency smooth.

Sani Serv 522-SERVE Soft Serve/Yogurt Twist Freezer

Sani Serv 522-SERVE

The Sani Serv 522-SERVE is one of the best commercial frozen yogurt machines on the market. It is perfect for adding to a business that expects to serve a high volume of frozen yogurt. It can serve up 2 different flavors, or it can serve up both flavors combined in a twist. This makes it the perfect choice for busy cafeterias, buffets and restaurants that specialize in frozen desserts.

Pros - The Sani Serv 522 is simple to operate, easy to fill and will start making you money the moment you add it to your store. It can serve up large amounts of consistent quality dessert and will be the centerpiece of your restaurant if you decide to go with this model. Add this model and ensure your customers get their favorite flavors or frozen yogurt or ice cream when they want it.

Cons - This machine is one of the top of the line models, and the cost of purchasing this model can be prohibitive for a small business. For most businesses, this machine will pay for itself quickly through added business and customer satisfaction.

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- Floor model design - has wheels and is easy to move.

- Fewer parts make it easier to clean than most machines.

- 17-quart capacity per side.

- Two 1 HP dasher motors and two 2 HP compressor motors.

- Air or water cooled.